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Affiliate links

I sometimes recommend products on this website. When I do, it’s because I think those products are good. Most of the time, after having opted for those products myself, or at least having tested them for a while.

Whenever I recommend a product, I check if it is possible to do it using affiliate links.

Not all the products I use and recommend offer affiliate programs – in which case I still recommend them, but without any affiliate links (MXroute email provider, and The SEO Framework WordPress plugin are two examples of such products/services).

For products that offer affiliate programs, I think it’s perfectly fine to get a commission for bringing new customers, especially if the price remains the same for the customers (GeneratePress WordPress theme is an example – affiliate link).

The affiliate commission amount or even its existence does not affect my choices or recommendations. You can take my word for it, or not. Either way, I try to provide enough measurable and comparable data/information, so that everyone can choose for and by themselves, not relying solely on my recommendation. This is the best way in my opinion, since different people have different priorities, circumstances, and make different choices – I can’t possibly always know what’s best for everyone.

Also, I make sure to note any affiliate links as such, when using them. Think it’s only fair to give notice of such things.

And that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂