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I/O Gremlin is website about computer/IT related topics: Internet technologies, hosting, computer security etc. I will provide both information and reviews of various technologies and products here.

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In 2015 I set up a cycling and bicycle mechanics website ( There I also wrote down everything that needed to be done to make that website be fast and stable. In time, such “IT” articles piled up. I don’t think a cycling website is a place for such articles.

So I decided to make this I/O Gremlin, as a place for all the computer/tech. related topics. If any of the posts here help anyone else – nice. If not, also nice. 🙂

Everything written here has worked for my websites and a few client ones. It is written the way I like it: in detail, complete and systematic.

In some posts, complexity of the explained procedure/article is roughly marked using icons:

Green - easy/simple Blue - medium Purple - complex
Green – easy/simple
Blue – medium
Purple – complex

Icons are given based on my estimation – depending on the level of knowledge, not everything will be equally simple for everyone. It’s just a (rough) classification.

Product links – some pages contain links with products that the site’s author finds to be a good, high quality choice. Links are usually made to open an website search window, with pre-defined search querries. There, visitors can see what the products look like and compare the prices. Bike Gremlin uses Amazon affiliate program. This means, if visitors buy products using a link from this site, the price is the same as if going directly to, but Bike Gremlin gets a small donation from Amazon. This helps pay for hosting, domain and website security.

Disclaimer: all the information and advice given on this website is to be taken as: “to the best of my knowledge / as far as I know”, i.e. “what has worked best for me so far”. I/O Gremlin does in no way accept any responsibility for any damages, or injuries resulting in taking the advice / information given on this website. Any additions, corrections, or constructive criticism are more than welcome. For that, you can use the Questions & Answers page.

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