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I find most email newsletters spammy. That’s why, since the BikeGremlin’s start in 2015, I’ve only sent a couple of them, ever.

Besides, BikeGremlin was never intended as a “hot news” website, more like an evergreen encyclopaedia. The website’s search has been improved. You are welcome anytime to come and look for the information that interests you:

I’ll keep a list of the 10 last-published articles on this page. And if there’s any breaking news from the IT industry that I think are worthwhile sharing, I’ll just post them here.

This is for the best. I see no point in bothering people with click-bait news, or with emails saying “hey, I’ve got a new article on this and that topic.” When you’re interested, and looking for some info, just hop by – I’m working hard on making this website stable, secure and easy to reach from all around the globe.

Thank you for your understanding,
Relja Novović

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