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BikeGremlin I/O’s basic idea is to explain even the most complicated things in a simple, beginner-friendly way.
It’s great when you can build and maintain your website (and computer) with minimal costs.
Here, I wrote down everything needed to keep my cycling website up and running – securely, stably and swiftly:
How to build a (WordPress) website, find good hosting, secure it, back it up, optimize (and the famous SEO) it, ensure user privacy etc.
In more detail – the “About Us” page

The principle I stick to is: “Objective Detailed Expert Information.”

All the articles here were written by humans (most by Relja Novović). With all our flaws and imperfections. So do let us know if you run into some “bed spilling” or other mistakes (contact email) – we do that from time to time.


Independence from software and hardware companies and technical support

You don’t depend on others (developers, hosting providers, technical support etc.)

Reducing website and computer costs and expenses

Cutting costs helps you remain independent – without the pressure of chasing sponsors, writing unobjective reviews, praising bad products and similar.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power, and learning new things is fun. I truly enjoy experimenting and trying new things.


Questions & answers, and consulting

An explanation of why it’s BikeGremlin and Mostly harmless™ (link to my cycling website). 🙂

If you have any other questions, or need help & advice, please use the BikeGremlin forum.

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