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Website optimization

Your website loads slowly, or you have server overload problems? Solution is website optimization. In a series of articles I have explained how you can do website optimization. If you want me to do it, the info is given below:

I/O Gremlin website optimization standards

Optimization is considered finished after implementing all the agreed changes and the website is tested and confirmed to be working properly.

Service packages and prices

1. Basic website optimization

Package includes:

  • Connecting the website to work with Cloudflare.
  • Installing and setting up a WordPress caching plugin that works well with your website (depends on theme, used plugins and hosting server setup). I will recommend a good free plugin, but if you opt for a premium plugin, license fees are paid by you (I don’t re-sell software).

Price: $380 US.

Payment method: cash, or PayPal.

2. Plus website optimization

Plus optimization includes everything from the Basic package, plus:

  • Configuring WordPress options so it works as fast as possible.
  • Overview of all the plugins used on the website and suggestions for changing the bad ones with appropriate good ones (and changing after approval).
  • Looking over other performance bottlenecks and altering them with your approval.

Price: $560 US.

Payment method: cash, or PayPal.

3. Theme change and website image optimization

Some WordPress themes are poorly written, so they load server with a great amount of requests, slowing things down considerably. The only way to fix these themes is replacing them with a good theme.

Since themes affect both websites look and functionality, changing themes can sometimes be complicated, requiring a full website re-design.

You can do this yourself, or ask me. Since this is a complicated job, the price depends on the currently used theme, wanted website functionality and look, willingness to pay for premium themes and/or tools. So in this case I’d have to look before quoting a price, using my standard consulting rate (20$ per 30 minutes) for the website review.

Similar goes for image resizing and optimization. Depending on the number of images and current website design, quoted price will vary. Of course, you can do image optimization yourself, as I’ve explained in the post about website image optimization. It can be tedious, but it’s well worth it performance wise.

Price range is from $2,000 US to $5,000.

Contact info and payment accounts

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