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Website maintenance

I wrote a series of posts about website maintenance. They are written clearly and in such a way that beginners too can understand and apply the given information. If you wish to hire me for that, the info is given below:

Services and prices

1. Basic website maintenance

This service includes:

  • Hostig is included in the price. Along with a free migration to my web hosting. See details at the end of this page.
  • Cloudflare firewall and CDN integration is included in the price.
  • Storing at least one website backup copy for each previous month, for up to 12 months back (why it is important to keep old backups) on a local hard disk and on cloud storage.
  • Updating all the themes and plugins on a weekly basis (with urgent intervention in case of security critical updates).
  • Help in case of any website problems, and minor changes. On work days between 9 and 20 h CET (Amsterdam time zone).

Price: $340 US per month.

Payment method: Payoneer, wire-transfer, cash, or PayPal.

2. Plus website maintenance

This service includes everything from the Basic package, plus:

  • Creation of backups once per day.
  • Updating all the plugins and themes within 24 hours since the update release (on work days).

Price: $560 US per month.

Payment method: Payoneer, wire-transfer, cash, or PayPal.

3. Gremlin website maintenance

This service includes everything from the Basic and Plus packages, plus:

  • Help in case of website problems 24 hours, any day.

Price: $1660 US per month.

Payment method: Payoneer, wire-transfer, cash, or PayPal.

Hosting services

When I’m taking care of your website, I need to be certain that the foundation is solid. Good hosting provides a solid foundation for any website. If that is lacking, website can run into all kinds of unexpected and hard to resolve problems. Hacks, downtime, you name it.

That is why I’ve decided to offer hosting service included in the price of each website maintenance package. Along with a free website migration to my hosting.

Hosting I offer is fast, stable and secure. Yes, you can remain with your current hosting if you prefer, but I’d recommend you take my (not free, but included in the price) offer. Not for saving a few dollars, but to save us both a lot of potential headache in the long run. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, I will migrate your website back to a hosting of your choosing (or my recommendation if you like) free of charge.


If disk space that your website requires is larger than 5 GB, each additional 5 GB are charged $12 per month. For comparison, my website:, with hundreds of pages and thousands of pictures takes about 1/2 GB (500 MB). So 5 GB is plenty of room (ten times more). And it is easily expandable.

The space I provide is for your website and all its files. It is not for storing backups, saving picture and video collections, or any other files that are not a part of your website. I am offering hosting, not cloud storage.

Sending spam emails is strictly forbidden. Also, if you need to create mailing lists, or send emails to over 100 addresses per hour, I would suggest using a special email delivery service (like SendGrid). Would be happy to set it up for you at my standard consulting rate ($30 per 30 minutes), plus the cost of the email service you coose.

With an extra charge of $25 per month, I offer boosted hosting with 3 GB of RAM and 2 vCPU cores, so that even medium sized e-commerce websites can work nicely (update: this is now included in the regular price). This hosting package is offered at my discretion – if I judge that it would be beneficial. It can not be requested and is not sold separately – I’m not into web-hosting business, this is a special offer for clients only, for both their and mine convenience.

In case your website size, or number of visitors is beyond what my hosting can serve, I will recommend a more powerful hosting solution from an independent hosting provider, since your website stability and security are of the primary concern. Here I’m talking about tens of gigabytes of space and over 100,000 daily visitors (max. number depends on website optimization and design). Such hosting is not included in the website maintenance price.

Contact info and payment accounts

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