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All the I/O Gremlin services are listed on the Services page. Click on a service you are interested in and see the prices.

The prices are given up front. With no hidden extra costs. There are more expensive companies. There are also cheaper companies. I’d be happy to recommend either – if you provide enough information so that I can know what kind of service is an optimal choice for you (though the final decision and responsibility for it is yours – all my advice is given “to the best of my knowledge and experience” – nothing more and nothing less).

For some use cases, it is best to choose a cheap option (of a decent quality), in which case I’d have to recommend another company, since my prices are not very cheap, because the quality of service I provide is rather high (in terms of stability, reliability, security and performance).

Likewise, for use cases that are beyond my scope of knowledge and experience, I’d also recommend another (usually more expensive) company/service. Because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time and because I prefer to prevent any problems from happening in the first place, not to mention being unable to quickly solve a client’s problem – while they have hired me to do so.

For use cases where I think my service is the optimal choice, weighing all the other offers (in terms of both service quality and price) against (potential) client’s priorities and needs, I am happy to offer and recommend my services. I think a business deal is only good if it benefits all the parties involved. So they are all better off with the deal, then they would have been without it. Preferring not to work at all, rather than do something that I don’t think is good, something I’m not passionate about, or that I don’t think is to the benefit of my partners / customers.

If you need any help, have any questions, or want to arrange my services, see the Consulting page – it’s all explained there.

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