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Website migration

If you need to move (migrate) your website from one hosting to another, I/O Gremlin can do that for you.

Note: many hosting providers will offer free migrations. You can also migrate the site yourself, using my instructions. If you want me to do that, the info is given below:

I/O Gremlin website migration standards

A website migration is considered finished when all the files, pages and links have been transfered to the new hosting and it is all confirmed to be working properly.

Service packages and prices

1. Basic Website Migration

Package includes:

  • Copying all the files and databases to the new hosting server (with database import to the new hosting server with a strong password).
  • Editing domain nameservers so website would work on the new hosting server.
  • Setting the newest PHP version with which your website works stably.
  • Setting up to 15 e-mail accounts on the new hosting server.
  • Setting up to 5 FTP accounts on the new hosting server.
  • Setting up SSL/TLS certificates (so that website works over https protocol).
  • KeePass file with all the passwords arranged in a way that is easy to navigate.
  • File with a complete backup of database and all the website files.
  • Email migration is not included in the given price.

Price: 180 $ US.

Payment method: cash, or PayPal.

2. Plus Website migration

Plus migration includes everything from Basic package, plus:

  • Setting the website to use Cloudflare protection.
  • Linking e-mail accounts with Gmail accounts, so e-mails can be read and sent from within the Gmail.
  • Setting up the website so that all the visits are directed exclusively over the secure https protocol.

Price: 240 $ US.

Payment method: cash, or PayPal.

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