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Domain registrar migration

Many hosting providers offer free domain registration for the first year, and later include it in the hosting price. However, if you don’t have a full control over your domain registration, you are practically not an owner of your website (to oversimplify the severity). It is very important that your domain is registered by you, in your name, with a reputable domain registrar. Also, you should have information on domain registration expiry date, so you can prolong it in time – I recommend more than two years of registration in advance for domains that are important to you.

I wrote a post explaining how you can transfer domain to another registrar. I use and recommend Namecheap (affiliate link). If you want me to do that for you, I’m at your disposal.

Service and prices

Service includes the following:

  • Moving your domain from the current, to a domain registrar of your choice (I recommend Namecheap).
  • Explaining how to set up a secure password for your domain. I can set it for you if you like.
  • Setting up 2FA login authentication if you wish (it has some downsides, though it is safer with it).
  • Extending your domain registration for extra 365 days, though the expense of registration prolonging is paid by you (not included in the price).

Price: $180 US + domain renewal registration price.

Payment method: cash, or PayPal.

Price for prolonging domain registration depends on domain extension, whether it is .com, .net, or something third. It costs around 15$ per year for most domains, but not all. It can be checked before migration.

Contact info and payment accounts

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