Privacy Policy

1. What user data is required and when

BikeGremlin web site requires users to register with an e-mail, username and password only if they want to post comments.

Other data such as first and last name, website, Google+ account, Twitter username, Facebook profile URL, biographical info and the profile picture are not required (not obligatory).

2. What is the user data used for

User data is only used for moderation of comments and data that users put on the site. Access rights to put it shortly.

From “ordinary users” that can post comments and questions, “authors” that add posts, to “administrators” who make sure it all works. In case of bad behavior (spamming, insults etc.), an account can be blocked.

There is no other use of the user data. It is not given to any other company, or individual. User passwords are invisible to administrators as well – and they can’t even change them – only change the user’s access and posting privileges.

3. Data protection

User data visible (only) when posting a comment, or a post, are user name and website (if that data is provided by the user). E-mail and password are kept private (hidden), protected from alteration, or copying.

The site uses SSL/TLS encryption (HTTPS protocol). That is why user passwords can’t be intercepted while being sent from user’s computer, to the website’s server. Still, it is wise to use a separate password for bikegremlin site, one that is not used for other accounts (bank, e-mail, etc.).

4. Google ads

Google uses cookies to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to this and/or other websites. This enables showing links from this site, other sites and some ads in the lowest right corner of each page, under the heading: “Google chosen content“. Option of google cookie tracking can be turned off for this site (and others) by visiting this link: Ad Settings.