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Website security

I wrote a post explaining how you can secure your WordPress website. Of course, if you want, I/O Gremlin can do all that for you, while you focus on other important things.

Service and price

WordPress securing service includes:

  • Connecting the website to work using Cloudflare protection.
  • Installing SSL/TLS certificates and setting the website to work exclusively using the secure https protocol.
  • Disabling your website directory listing by visitors.
  • Instructions on how to set secure passwords for your website administrator accounts.
  • Changing the names of administrator accounts if they are not safe (and providing you the new names, of course).
  • Installing and configuring free security plugins. If you opt for a premium plugin, you pay for the licence fees.
  • Removing unsafe themes and plugins (after your approval) and updating all the existing/remaining ones.

Price: $640 US.

Payment method: cash, or PayPal.

Contact info and payment accounts

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