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Google Chrome not showing images on Linux

I had problems with Google Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers like Brave) not properly displaying images (and extensions icons). The problem is easily solved:

Settings -> System -> Use hardware acceleration when available (disable this)

In case you are reading this from a browser that shows images normally (like Firefox on Linux):

Chrome system settings
Chrome system settings

The principle is the same with all the other Chromium-based browsers (like Brave).

What causes this error?

I don’t know. I suppose it’s because of how Chrome is trying to “communicate” with the display drivers. I’ve had the same problem with Intel CPU graphics and with Nvidia discrete graphics cards. I did not have those problems with an AMD graphics card, though (a personal reminder to double-check and confirm this).


A broken display of extensions’ icons in the top bar is a symptom of this particular problem – along with no displaying of website images. If you are only having problems with image display, try this:

Settings -> Privacy and security -> Site settings -> Images -> Sites can show images (this option is near the bottom – check it if it’s not checked, i.e. if the option “Don’t allow sites to show images” is selected instead)

If anyone has a more elegant (system) solution for this, I’m eager to hear it.

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