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VeeroTech reseller hosting review

In this article, I’ll share my experience with VeeroTech reseller hosting (my affiliate link). In other words: I’m writing down every pro, con, and peculiarity noticed – for my own reminder. Since I believe this can also help you (the reader), it’s fair to call it a review. 🙂

Status: Active
From February, 2019 – to November, 2019,
and from August, 2022 – ongoing

I’m currently hosting websites with this provider. There’s no more honest recommendation than that.

Table Of Contents (T.O.C.):

  1. Introduction
  2. VeeroTech reseller hosting hardware resources
  3. Migrating your website to VeeroTech
  4. VeeroTech hosting peculiarities
  5. Security and stability
  6. Technical support
  7. Performance (speed)
  8. Prices
  9. Problems
  10. Conclusion
  11. Cards on the table
  12. Addition: emails

1. Introduction

VeeroTech company has been in the business since 2010, with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). They have their own servers in their own data centre (i.e. they aren’t leasing nor colocating). Colour me conservative, but I think this is a big plus (more control over their infrastructure, to put it shortly).

I used their services in 2019 and was quite happy. Why did I leave? Digression, for anyone interested:

HostMantis offered 3 years of reseller hosting for $20 (twenty dollars). I took the offer for cheap test/development hosting but was so pleased with the service that I moved all my websites there by 2020. Unfortunately, HostMantis was sold in 2022. I got an email notification less than a month before the server change and account migration were planned. I had no idea if the service quality would remain the same after the ownership change (it often drops in this industry). And I didn’t want to risk it. So I started looking for new hosting that is reliable and trustworthy.

I first opted for MDDHosting (my MDDHosting review) because of their elastic resource allocation (it’s very practical, and I love it). I’m delighted with MDDHosting, but I still wanted to try VeeroTech – to confirm they are still as good for my needs and criteria, and to have a tried and tested alternative in case anything unexpected happens with MDDHosting (and not keeping all the eggs in one basket). To clarify: I consider both VeeroTech and MDDHosting reliable and stable companies, and I don’t expect either to be sold overnight as HostMantis apparently did. But I’m the kind of person who keeps three separate backup copies, and even has a bicycle lock key copy in a remote location safe. I know, there must be a diagnosis for that… 🙂

Now, where was I? Ah, yes. My first (and quite positive) experience with this company is in the article: VeeroTech hosting review. This article is basically an updated version. I tested the basic reseller package – RS 0. Let’s dive in:

– T.O.C. –

2. VeeroTech reseller hosting hardware resources

These are the resources available for each cPanel (sub) account created for your reseller hosting account:

  • CPU: 1 vCPU core (what is a vCPU?)
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • I/O: 8 Mb/s
  • IOPS: 7,500
  • Entry Processes: 20
  • iNodes: 450,000
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB
  • SSL / TLS: yes, by Let’s Encrypt
  • SPAM filtering: yes, by SpamExperts
  • FTP and E-mail accounts: unlimited
  • Domain, subdomains and parked domains: unlimited
  • Databases: unlimited

It’s cool they also use Imunify360 for antivirus protection. This is a tried and tested software with which I’ve had great results when “saving” infected/hacked WordPress websites (of other people, and I won’t name any providers because I prefer only writing about the good ones).

– T.O.C. –

3. Migrating your website to VeeroTech

They will migrate your accounts for free. Especially if you have cPanel access or at least cPanel backups. I like doing migrations myself, and it was a breeze. Nothing more to add. 🙂

– T.O.C. –

4. VeeroTech hosting peculiarities

This is classic, high-quality cPanel reseller hosting.
When I say “classic,” I don’t mean it as “common” because high-quality hosting is not nearly as commonly seen as I’d like.

A thing I don’t like is that I can only automate backups of all the cPanel accounts using a script. For now there is no other way. JetBackup can’t be configured from the WHM level, nor is any other option available. Sure, the provider makes backups regularly, but I think it’s a good idea to have your own set of backups for every created cPanel account. And this should be automated and scheduled.

There are two backup script choices I know of, each with its pros and cons:

  • The free WHMBackupSolutions script (and how to configure it)
    Downside: it’s no longer maintained (as far as I know), so the first major cPanel (file structure) change will likely render it unusable.
  • Paid WHMEasyBackup script
    Downside: These guys sold me two lifetime licenses (lifetime support, updates and all). Then, they decided to make version 7, and say that the lifetime licenses were only for version 6. 

I went with the first option, and if (when) it stops working, I hope something can be arranged with VeeroTech to sort it out (cross that bridge when we reach it, as the Americans say).

Of course, you are able (almost said “free”) to go with WHMEasyBackup. It’s just my personal choice not to. Not because of the money but because of the poor user tech. support and backing out of a deal (“an ox is bound by its horns, a man is bound by his word” – Serbian proverb).

This same “problem” (it works fine for now) exists with MDDHosting, and many (most?) other cPanel reseller hosting providers. The DirectAdmin control panel offers a lot better backup solution. Unfortunately, DirectAdmin has other peculiarities and problems of its own, so it is still inferior to cPanel to a great degree – except for backups (and pricing, it costs a lot less).

If I were nitpicking, I’d also like to see Cloudflare Railgun enabled as an option. It provides a slight page load speed boost for visitors far away from the hosting server (as in on a different continent). I don’t think any “normal” people should be concerned with this, but since this “review” serves primarily as my own online notes/reminder, I’m putting the info here. 🙂
Update, October 2023: Cloudflare Railgun is being retired so this is no longer a valid point.

– T.O.C. –

5. Security and stability

Security is very important. Most people realize this only after their website gets hacked or infected. For a website, hosting is like a foundation. If your hosting is bad, your website will never work fine. Of course, even with the best hosting in the world, you should still avoid unreliable (poor quality) WordPress plugins and themes. However, at the same time, your hosting server must be properly configured and secured because you don’t want any problems coming from that end.

VeeroTech is a company that knows what they’re doing. My websites hosted there are in good hands and secure.

Stability? When you or anyone else visits your site, it’s nice if the website is available, “online” as we say. 🙂 VeeroTech hosting is very stable. You can always check out the uptime for the providers whose services I’m using on the BikeGremlin status page.

– T.O.C. –

6. Technical support

These days, I’m spending some quality time with Patreon and Payoneer technical support. It takes them about two work days to provide a copy/paste canned response that doesn’t address my problem.

VeeroTech technical support is the complete opposite. Competent, fast responses that address any problems you might face – or at least point you in the right direction if the problem is not related to the hosting service itself (see technical support scope for more details on this).

The bottom line is – great technical support.

– T.O.C. –

7. Performance (speed)

Briefly: good performance, but not the fastest I’ve seen.

To put this into perspective: as far as I can tell (based on my years of experience and the number of services I’ve used so far), for this kind of security, stability and technical support quality, one would have to pay at least 3 times more to get roughly 20% faster performance on top of all that (i.e. to rent the newest hardware, with relatively few customers per server).

The server is not overloaded (see Overselling VS Overloading for more details), and there is room for website growth and load increase.

Now, as I like to say: “one good measurement is better than a thousand expert opinions.” Here are some speed and load test metrics:

VeeroTech reseller hosting WP Benchmark tool test results
VeeroTech reseller hosting WP Benchmark tool test results
Picture 1
VeeroTech reseller hosting Octoperf load test results
VeeroTech reseller hosting Octoperf load test results
Picture 2

If I compare this with MDDHosting, WP Benchmark results are a bit better, and Octoperf load test results are a bit lower – but still without any errors or sites breaking even under high load (see my MDDHosting review for details).
MDDHosting Plaid hosting platform is a bit faster in every term (and costs a bit more).

However, it’s fair to note that VeeroTech can pull off this load on several websites under my reseller account simultaneously. In contrast, MDDHosting, because of the elastic resource allocation, would not pull out more than two simultaneously (at least not with their basic reseller package).

This doesn’t make one necessarily better than the other. They are just different. For literally re-selling hosting, I think VeeroTech’s reseller hosting resource allocation is a better choice. For hosting my own websites (sites that I have complete control of, i.e. I’m not just providing hosting), I prefer MDDHosting’s resource elasticity, with all its pros and cons considered.

To put it even more bluntly, for reseller hosting: MDDHosting gives you a bit more freedom (but you should know what you’re doing), while VeeroTech offers a more traditional reseller hosting.

– T.O.C. –

8. Prices

Considering the service quality, I’d say the prices are reasonable. It’s even fair to say affordable. Yes, there are some cheaper providers, but not with such stability, security, technical support quality and performance.

You can use my VeeroTech affiliate link to check out the current pricing.

– T.O.C. –

9. Problems

The difference between good and bad hosting providers is that with the good ones, problems are a rare exception, and the same problems don’t reoccur regularly.

So far, I haven’t had any problems, but if I do, I’ll list them in this chapter.

– T.O.C. –

10. Conclusion

I’m always sceptical when I read reviews (either on review websites or customer reviews online). Different people have different tastes and priorities. It’s best when I personally test a provider to see if it’s a good choice for me.

Time taken for testing this provider (and documenting that in this review) was a time well spent. I’ve confirmed that the service quality is as I remember it. VeeroTech didn’t “break bad” over the past two years. 🙂

I plan to keep using and testing the service – because service quality changes over time (with good providers, it’s often for the better). As it stands now, VeeroTech is a hosting provider I can rely on. It’s not on my top-ten hosting providers’ list. It is in my top two list! 🙂

– T.O.C. –

11. Cards on the table

Many people say it’s wise to keep your cards close to your chest – both in business and life, but I feel better laying all the cards on the table. So here it is:

At the moment of writing, I’m concentrating on the BikeGremlin cycling website and the BikeGremlin YouTube channel. I regard a hosting provider as a website foundation, sort of a business partner.

To sleep better at night, I like having a backup in case one hosting provider runs into any problems (natural disasters, malicious hacking/DDoS attacks, ownership change, or something else unexpected.).

Testing a web hosting service quality to confirm all is as I think it should be, takes me about 40 working hours. When a provider is awful, I can tell it very quickly. But when a provider is simply not good enough for my criteria, it sometimes takes me a few weeks or longer to figure it out.

That’s why, for me, it’s very “expensive” to test providers for which I don’t think the probability of them being a good fit is very high. And that is why I thought it’s worth giving VeeroTech a try.

However, at the moment, I’m already using MDDHosting and am very happy with the service. With my websites being non-profit, I couldn’t justify to myself paying for another hosting, just to confirm it’s a great, tried and tested alternative.

So I decided to explain all that to the people from VeeroTech company. I wrote to them a ticket along the lines of:

  • I was very happy with your service, but my experience is now over two years old, and things change, not always for the better.
  • I’d love to test your service thoroughly. If the initial testing is OK, I’d like to place one of my live websites on your hosting, because there’s no better test than using a production site (though I’m weary of placing my production sites just anywhere).
  • My websites are well optimized, so I won’t be hogging your resources, nor making any big costs for your company (or taking much tech. support time since I’m far from a novice).
  • Can I please get to use your lowest tier reseller hosting for free? 🙂
  • In return, I’ll provide a review (that will be kept up-to-date for as long as I’m using the service), and constructive feedback and criticism that could help improve the service further.
  • Should my current “main” hosting provider run into problems, so I move dozens of websites to VeeroTech, I wish to start paying the regular price for the service as that is only fair. My goal is to test, not to host for free.

I thought it was worth asking. And I also thought it’s worth noting all this. I’m in no way affiliated with VeeroTech, nor paid for this review. Just a customer. But, at the moment of writing, I’m not paying my own money for the service – just a lot of time invested in testing (and writing this – primarily as my personal notes of all the pros and cons).

For as long as the service quality remains at this level, I intend to keep hosting my website here, and keep this review up-to-date. Also, I can now freely recommend VeeroTech hosting, since my experience with the company is no longer over two years old.

Should you wish to sign up for VeeroTech hosting thanks to this review (or in spite of it 🙂 ), you can use my VeeroTech affiliate link, thus supporting my work.

– T.O.C. –

12. Addition: emails

I already wrote about the pros and cons of using a hosted email service. I personally prefer, use & recommend the MXroute email service.

However, for saving costs, and simplicity, many people like using their hosting provider’s email service, and that’s why I’m providing this info:

VeeroTech hosting server IPs are clean, i.e. not on any black lists (for checking and tracking this I use HetrixTools – affiliate link). They have a smart, advanced email filter/scanner, to help prevent any spam coming in or going out.

In practice, this means your emails will get delivered, i.e. they won’t end up in a spam box or be outright blocked by a spam filter (just make sure to properly configure your email-related DNS records). This also means VeeroTech doesn’t tolerate any customers sending spam from their servers – which is good.

– T.O.C. –

2 thoughts on “VeeroTech reseller hosting review”

  1. I am looking at hosting powered by high-frequency CPUs. Please add provider like, hostxnow, MechanicWeb on your future test list.

    • Hi Anis,

      As you can see in the last chapter of this very article (Cards on the table), testing a provider takes me a lot of time. That is why, generally, I test only providers I’m seriously considering to use (unless a provider is crazy enough to cover about 40-60 work-hours just to get my review).

      Also, I value security and stability a lot more than speed. Not that the speed is not important, it’s just not that high on my priority list.

      Having said that, I did look at the HostXnow and MechanicWeb offers more than once, but never got down to giving them a go. For what it’s worth, HostXnow is at the top of my to-try list at the moment (MechanicWeb right behind, because they don’t offer Imunify360, which I’ve grown to highly appreciate over time). Can’t promise any deadlines, since I plan to concentrate on making more cycling-related articles (on the cycling website) and videos (on my YouTube channel). Regarding the IT-related topics, the first in line is a Mediavine monetization platform review (looks professional and promising for now, but I’m yet to test the speed impact, and the revenue).

      Finally, for shared (i.e. not reseller) hosting, MDDHosting’s Plaid shared hosting platform is very fast and powerful (the fastest I’ve tried so far).

      I asked both VeeroTech and MDDHosting if they would be happy to offer reseller hosting on more powerful hardware (and, preferably, with an “elastic” resource allocation) – for an appropriately increased price, of course (my estimate is that about 3x more expensive would be reasonable to expect, but that’s a wild guess as a customer/user). Should such a service be introduced, I would be delighted to test it ASAP, even put in the time and effort to provide beta-testing. 🙂

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